= disease

The character part , which itself is without independent meaning as a full word, stands for diseases and words associated with diseases.

先天病 = xian(1)tian(1) bing(4) = congenital disease

后天病 = hou(4)tian(1) bing(4) = acquired disease (as opposed to a congenital one)

性病 = xing(4)bing(4) = venereal disease




= side by side, and

In spoken Chinese, the morpheme expressed in this character is never used for the meaning 'and', and for the meaning 'side by side', the two-character version is preferred both in spoken and written Chinese.

并排 = bing(4)pai(2) = side by side, alongside

两个人并排坐. = Liang(3) ge(4) ren(2) bing(4)pai(2) zuo(4). = Two people sit side by side.

= pai(2) = to line up, to align

The two-character version for 'to line up, to queue' is:

排队 = pai(2)dui(4) = to queue, to line up